Reprogramming Ecu

Increase horsepower and torque of your engine
reduce the consumption of your fuel. enabling
your engine to work better and more efficiently!



K-TAG is used to read and write the ECU while
on the bench: Each of the microprocessor, EEPROM,
and flash memory can be accessed by connecting
the tool to the ECU board

Licensed WinOLS user

The Immobilizer is our specialty !!!

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With the appropriate expertise
and the necessary equipment
repair the damaged
your lock and reprogram
the keys of your car!

OBD Tuning tool


KESSv2 allows you to read and write the ECUs of cars,
bikes, trucks, tractors and boats simply connecting
the tool to the diagnostic port.

Eco Tuning


Apart from increased engine power, we can also rewrite the cars ecu to help the engine perform better. Our typical gains are upto 15% for turbo engines and 7% for NA engines, get in touch to get booked in for a consultation, to see what we can do for you!

Chip Tuning

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By upgrading the cars ecu, we can adjust the car to out perform the manufacturers set-up. Improve HP (top speed) improve torque (acceleration) and also reduce the need for as many gear changes (efficiency) leaving a much improved vehicle

Tuning Files

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We can now update your files online, You send us the file with the details of the vehicle (make,model,age,mileage) and we will create a tuned file for your needs


H ICS Tuning always equipped with the latest electronic – Robotic machines, diagnostic electronic automotive parts and following the new technologies in the automotive industry as well as highly trained staff ensures the proper maintenance and regulation of any brain – Immo – ecu!

  • Upgrades car brain to increase your maximum engine horsepower and the reduction of the fuel.

  • Programming brain, Reset brains of all types to the brain inside and outside the car.

  • Repair ECU brain

  • Programming airbags, unlock airbag reset airbag, AIRBAG crash data from after conflict and opening the airbag.

  • Unlock immobilizer, reset immobilizer, programming immobilizer, the injection ECU (used or original), reset the immobilizer in a state (virgin state) for reprogramming in factory conditions.

  • Data transfer software (sw-immo) to anyone used brain.

  • Programming keys Repair of keys, with or without remote control, new or old, the same day, in all cars – trucks – Watching in case of loss of all keys even without the car to our room

  • Repair SPEEDOMETER, programming electronic speedometer (km) at all points and in all brains that hold memory (km), repair electronic speedometer.

  • Unlock radio-cd, navi, and reset the security code.

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